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Shipping time could’ve been better but overall amazing. Love the wing!!

I really like the fitment in the quality is perfect. 100% recommended.

It's a lot more commodity.

There was a video for installation, and it was easy to do. The product is also very easy to use and is a good product.

I'm so happy with the product we really feel that the turbo is freer to breathe and the sound is incredible. With the pop pop at the gearbox (manual gearbox) in addition 😍 and the cold start 🥰 I love manufacturing quality and welding woooooow top quality in addition I took the burn blue color tips it stands out so well on my metallic gray car. I'm very very happy big thanks sxth I recommend it to you next step stage 1 🤩

Straight forward install. Had to make a quick modification to the mounting clip for it to work, and wish it came with a length of replacement vacuum hose, but otherwise good.

Sxth Element side mount oil cooler

When I first received the oil cooler I got the wrong AN fittings and reached out to SXTH elements customer service whom said they did in fact fit and I was incorrect. I made a post on FB and an employee from SXTH reached out and made it right after I shipped the parts back. After receiving the correct fittings I installed the oil cooler to find that the gaskets do not seal and oil continously leaks from the sandwich plate. After several attempts and lots of drained oil with bolts all torqued to recommended specs per instructions I finally decided to give up on this product. Would not recommend this product to anyone unfortunately.

Quick process and works great

I had some issues pop up so I replaced solenoid and a few other parts and all is working as it should now. Great company and great products!

Good product

Sounds great on my 23 n-line. A couple bolts didn't line up 100% on the intake, but with a bit of adjusting we made it work. Looks nice, the glass came a little scratched but nothing major. Still recommend this product / company.

Fits okay, except for the plexiglass, 2 out of 5 bolts doesn't line up properly and I stripped one of the bolts holding it. Now I only have 4 out of 5 bolts holding my plexiglass, sucks a bit considering the price we pay for this product... Now my air box is slowly shriking because of the heat

Turbo inlet

Awesome product, love it and it creates a more distinctive noise.

Nice and easy install but wears terribly after 3 weeks

I like the product. The way it looks and sounds. But the exhaust tip looks 5 years old and it's only been on there 3 weeks ish. Like Mcjagger says. Got to paint it black


Excellent condition, no issues at all with installation. Everything lined up .

Great Product

This air intake really is a great buy I would totally recommend anything who is considering purchasing one for themselves. The only thing I could really complain about is that the wholes on the plastic cover for the air intake box don't line up perfectly. It was a little bit of a struggle to put it on, had to get it lined up best I can and put all the screws in before tightening any of them. Besides that great buy, it sounds great and looks awesome

Must have upgrade

I would say this is required for any 1.6T platform. Boost is reliable and solid after replacing the EBCS. My only comment is I wish it came with four zip ties instead of two but not a huge deal at all. Process is very straightforward.

No more Harsh Vibrations

Switched from another motor mount that was making the cars plastic shake in first gear. Instantly the car felt like it had stock feels but no wheel hop.

Good but hard to install

Intake looks amazing and works great. Only 2 things I had issues with. This was one of the hardest intakes I've installed as the is almost no wiggle room. Also the filter is not going to come out of the top plexiglass as the way the air box is cut ans the fact that the intake tube pushes in the box. The 3 screws that secure the tube to the box will likely strip having to be removed taking the filter out. Once installed though it's a beautiful intake with good sound.

Love the intake, great upgrade for car. But it took forever to get to me. For future occasion my recomendation y you dont have the part in you inventory dont start selling it because it was to long of a wait, it it took 7 months dor you to ship the part because of delays or customs or something else. People love your product but be more conscious on the delivery time.

Thank you

Adro v2 wing veloster n

Amazing looking piece of carbon fiber. Totally in love with the Aggressive look it gives off. It did Take a while to ship out but it was totally worth it in the end !!

Quick and easy installation.

Oil Veloster N

Great product definitely a need for this car even for spirited street drives. It does cool the oil when pushed hard at most I’ve seen is 205 compared to 240 without. Does not leak either and quality parts and hoses!

Great quality and fast shipping.