EK1 Pro

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Find tunes here: sxthnktuning.com

Fits the following vehicles:

Calibration Devices, such as the EK1Pro can be purchased here. Once you have purchased the device, you can purchase and download calibrations for your vehicle at sxthnktuning.com. The EK series of devices does not come with a calibration pre-installed.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty available for original purchaser only.
  • See Terms and Conditions for additional warranty information.

Some products offered by SXTH Element and SXTHNK are not capable of shipping to states that have adopted the C.A.R.B. Standard. Those products can include anything induction or exhaust related. If this product is incapable of shipping to your location, you will not be able to checkout with it. More information can be found in the link below.

C.A.R.B. & E.P.A Information

View the Installation Instructions for the EK1 Series here
View the YouTube playlist for the EK1 series here

Custom ECU Calibration

Get the most out of your vehicle with a custom ECU calibration from SXTHNK Tuning. Tailored to your specific vehicle and needs.


  • A compatible vehicle as per the dropdown list above.
  • An EK1 Pro or Lite.

For those that do not have an EK1 device (Pro, Lite, Mini)

Step 1

Purchase an EK1 device. Doing so in combination with this Custom Calibration does have a discount applied.

Step 2

Create an account on www.sxthnktuning.com.

Part of this process is adding your VIN and device serial number into your account information.

Step 3

Update your device to the latest firmware version.

Step 4

Find your ECU's calibration ID.

  1. Plug the device into your vehicle's OBDII port (left side of the steering wheel under the dash).
  2. Choose "Power Mode"
  3. Select "Read ECU ID"
  4. Select "SIM2K-250"
  5. Copy the values under Application Data ID into your account


Important: When entering your calibration ID, ensure only two underscores ('__') are included, and the ID must exactly match your vehicle’s. Incorrect ID entry can lead to catastrophic damage to the ECU. Exercise utmost accuracy in this process.

Step 5

Patch your vehicle's ECU

Download the Patch:

  • Go to the 'Patch' area on the SXTHNK platform.
  • Copy and paste your calibration ID into the search box on the ECU Patch Files page.
  • Download the patch file.
  • Copy and paste the patch file to the Maps Folder of the SD Card.
  • If you do not find a matching patch, submit a ticket for assistance.

Post-Patching Steps:

  • Once the patch is successfully applied, you can flash tunes freely on your vehicle.
Step 6

Patch your vehicle's ECU (continued)

Flashing the Patch

  • Plug your EK1 device into the OBDII port on your vehicle.
  • Without pressing the brake pedal, tap the ignition button twice to place the vehicle into Accessory Mode (ACC).
  • Select "Power Mode" on the EK1 Device.
  • Select "Writing ECU"
  • When prompted, select the "BootPatch" file instead of a tune file.
  • Complete the patching process without interruption.
  • Unplug the EK1 Device from the OBDII port and you are done!

Post-Patching Steps:

  • Once the patch is successfully applied, you can flash tunes freely on your vehicle.

For those that already own an EK1 device (Pro, Lite, Mini)

Step 1

Purchase this Custom Calibration.

Step 2

Create a ticket for our Calibration Engineer for Category "Tuning File Request".

In the Subject, please include your SXTH Element Order Number + "Custom Calibration"

In the Message, please include any modifications made to your vehicle and any requests for custom tuning such as:

  • Extra Pops
  • increased rev limit
  • Enhanced Launch Control
  • any other requests
Step 3

Wait for a reply from our Calibration Engineer. They will need to review the ticket and any associated requests. The first message back from them will either be a preliminary file or a request for more information, such as datalogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Joseph C.
Bit of a learning curve

Absolutely the best tool for the job, but the user interface could use a little love and it would absolutely benefit from a proper user/startup manual. But once you get used to it there’s nothing better. (Even if you can’t customize the gauge styles/colors)

Good tunes, annoying to set up

There's a lot of missing information on how to set up the EK1 Pro instead of the EK1 Lite, or a lot of specifications that are required to know for the setup. Outside of that, good tool for the job, love having the gauges as a screen in my car for track use and such. Also very simple to swap tunes or read ECU codes for any CELs that could happen.

EK1 PRO just amazing

I was able to tune my car with this device and got a TCU tune and ECU tune from sxth. I have a Elantra Sport 2020 DCT and the only thing that took long was to patch the TCU like 10 minute and after that to tune the TCU and the ECU it took me 2 minutes so yeah very happy and can go back if needed to go to a stock tune!!


This thing is the shi*. Plug-n-play into the obd2 port. Functions galore. A cinch to learn and use. Save numerous tunes to the SD card and load one of your choosing in a mere 1-2 minutes. Support from Nathan through SXTH is phenomenal. Can’t say enough good things about it. Highly highly recommend.


Absolutely amazing device. So many functions wrapped into one. All the info I want to see including boost/vacuum and IAT on the same screen and that's not even half of what it can show or do. Totally worth it in my opinion. All the things it can do would take 2-3 other devices and actually cost more!

Myron B.
Veloster N: Expensive, but nice to have

Been using this for a while now. Having the extra gauges is really nice especially while on track. It’s good to have something that can keep track of what’s happening with the car.
The screen protector is just plastic and not worth it imo. Also the mount included is prone to falling off the dash and off of the ek1 pro when parked outside in summer. I used the same mount provided but changed out the adhesive and no longer have issues.

Jason P.

Excellent product and even better after purchase support. I purchased the tune and revisions. Car feels amazing on the latest map really dialed in.

Benjamin N.
Plays AAA titles at decent framerate

was getting 30fps in minecraft @ 4K, plays warzone alright.

Benjamin M.
Solid tuner

To say the least it's everything I hoped it would be. It's a solid tuner and gauge. Since purchased the support has been top notch and the Ek1 gives me alot of info.

Hunter N.
Ek1 pro Veloster N stage 2

This device has been amazing! Great quality and once you read the instructions provided with purchase is easy to understand. It takes alot to tune the veloster N but I have not been disappointed! Car before the tune had sixth element downpipe, full cat back, intake, and bov. Before I could not tell any noticeable difference but after has been amazing. Boost comes in hard! And goes up to about 23 24 ibs. They where very fast sending out revisions. Got the car dialed in just a day. Keep in mind when purchasing atleast for the N you must purchase new plugs and a unlocked ecu. However I Highly highly recommend. Only way to tune your N the right way! If you opt for the aggressive pops be warned they are very loud and occour at almost any point in driving. Also the nerds included are a nice snack haha.