2.5T K5 GT & Sonata N-Line CPLT Intake (redesigned)

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • DN8 Sonata N-Line DCT
  • DL3 K5 GT DCT
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty available for original purchaser only.
  • 180 day warranty on coatings.
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The SXTH Element Engineering 2.5T CPLT intake is the perfect start to modifying your Sonata N-Line or K5 GT.  CPLT is our short hand for "complete" and this system is the complete OEM replacement.

This intake is HUGE compared to OEM to help with pre-turbo pressure drop and the lightweight, XLPE plastic closed airbox keeps temps in check when you aren't moving.

elantra n cplt box
elantra n cplt box bottom

The Box

The airbox is rotomolded from XLPE plastic.  A lightweight and robust material, XLPE is temperature resistant and strong.  Perfectly molded to fit the 2.5T, we top it off with the clear lid for easy filter maitenance. 


The Intake Tube

Available in XLPE Plastic, our intake tube is 3.5 inches in diameter to relieve intake system pressure drop to help the turbo breathe as easily as possible.

elantra n intake plastic tube

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kendric G.
Great product

Great product, if I may say so. Gives the car noticeable turbo whistle. IAT seems to be cooler. Can’t wait to pair it with the turbo inlet.

Felix M.

I received my Intake System today and it's awesome. Easy installation, fantastic look and the performance much better. I have a Sonata Nline 2022 wit a Borla Exhaust System and the Intake it's the perfect partner. Great product!!


Fit like a glove ! Sounds great

Mohammed A.
Cold Air Intake

Good quality and easy to install. I am using JB4 tuning on my sonata N line and I don’t feel any difference. I am waiting for turbo inlet maybe it will make a difference. Or maybe I should install a downpipe first so the air could get out more smoothly then install the cold air intake. But overall I am happy with the sound and the way it looks.

Better Then Stock

This looks way better than the stock air box. I keep the lid on to keep the hot air completely out and I’m still able to hear the intake whooshing air, it’s not as loud compared to when it’s off but it’s there. Tubing is also nice since the OEM had a fading white color to it and I always hated it. This fixes the look.

Great product looks amazing and clean when installed

Easy install 30mins or less ! the only complaint I have was the intake sensor hole I had to reem out the hole for the sensor cause the bolt supplied wouldn't fit . the jig that is being used needs some loving other then that fit like a glove you can hear the turbo spool and definitely noticed more throttle response cant wait for the turbo intake next ! Hopefully sxth engineering will have that nice intercooler back in stock soon hint hint

Loving every second

Got this about two weeks ago, easy install, and man, I had JB4 tune and exhaust but the lag was insane. This is the last piece to the puzzle. No lag now, and beautiful noises. The quality is very good, the team at Sxth is very helpful.

Brandon B.
Intake Review

I got the carbon fiber one and while I love the design and upset they changed it, the overall design is still great and the fitment is amazing! The people here at SXTH worked with me to get one to me and extra parts when I lost some as well. Would highly recommend!


I love the intake, it makes cool turbo noises, lots of flutters it was fairly easy to install took me 15 mins only down side is the snorkel where the air inlet connects is loose but other than that I love the product💯