GR Corolla CPLT Intake

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Toyota GR Corolla 2023+

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The SXTH Element Engineering CPLT Intake is a total package of performance and OEM fit/finish.  CPLT is short for "Complete" and our intake leaves nothing out. Bolt on performance with NO check engine light!

As air enters the OEM scoop and the new airbox, our high flow oiled filter with integrated velocity stack feeds air through the new tube into the OEM turbo inlet. Through extensive development and testing, our intake manages up to 14whp and 14wtq as rpms climb to redline. All of this done on the OEM ECU without any additional modifications. All of this without any CEL! We had to engineer a new PCV tube as part of the kit to keep all OEM ECU monitors in place. You can read all about the intake testing in our blog post here:

Our intake pipe and airbox are molded from XLPE plastic, a durable material perfect for lightweight intake systems. The intake tube is tuned to the perfect size to have proper airflow for the MAF sensor, while relieving pressure drop in the intake system. With less pressure drop, pumping losses of the turbo are reduced, increasing performance. We also achieve the HP gains without altering OEM air/fuel ratios.

gr corolla tube

The airbox also relocates the additional air entry area away from the hot area of the engine. You'll see this in the testing blog post. Part of the performance increase comes from cooler IAT (Intake Air Temperature) and that is achieved with our new airbox design.

gr corolla airbox bracket

We use the latest tech in 3D scanning and CAD design for intake development. This allows us to get a perfect OEM fit on the first try and fine tune the intake in the computer before going into real world testing.

gr corolla airbox in car render

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