2.5T Turbo Inlet Pipe

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Will Only Fit This Intake

Fits the following vehicles:

  • DN8 Sonata N-Line DCT with SXTH Element Intake
  • DL3 K5 GT DCT with SXTH Element Intake
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***Please note, this inlet ONLY fits our SXTH intake systems as shown. If you have any other intake system, you will need to make your own adapter.***

The intake system of the 2.5T in the Sonata N-Line and K5 GT leaves a lot to be desired

By increasing the size of the intake and turbo inlet, we can let the turbo ingest air easier resulting in better compressor pressure ratios that leads to more power! Our inlet is a bolt on part with no other modifications required besides a SXTH intake system.

With gains up to 10whp on the OEM turbocharger our SXTH turbo inlet is the final piece to complete intake performance. The inlet is designed in our CAD software using 3D scans to ensure the best fitment and optimal flow. The inlet comes with a connecting coupler and new hardware for a complete, bolt-on installation to your SXTH Intake system.

K5 GT inlet left
K5 GT inlet right

The Casting

Our inlet is made from cast aluminum, just like OEM, except it's BIGGER! Allowing more flow by increasing intake pipe size reduces pressure drop on the intake side which optimizes pressure ratio for the turbo compressor. This in turn can produce more power when enough boost is used. See our testing in a Instagram post link below.

Turbo Inlet Testing!


OEM vs SXTH Element

A 3D scan of the OEM inlet is shown here in pink vs the SXTH inlet. The SXTH inlet is matched in size to the SXTH intake system to provide the most air possible so the turbocharger can breathe as easily as possible.

k5 gt intercooler inlet comparison

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