Veloster N Turbo Inlet

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Finish Uncoated

Requires a SXTH Element Intake

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+ with SXTH Element Intake (Carbon/Plastic Tube)
  • Hyundai Kona N 2022+ with SXTH Element Intake (Carbon/Plastic Tube)
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***Please note, this inlet ONLY fits our SXTH intake systems. If you have any other intake system, you will need to make your own adapter.***

The intake system of the N cars leaves a lot to be desired, so by increasing the size of the intake and turbo inlet, we can let the turbo ingest air easier resulting in better compressor pressure ratios that leads to more power, especially on tuned N's!

With gains up to 10whp on the OEM turbocharger our SXTH turbo inlet is the final piece to complete intake performance. The inlet is designed in our CAD software using 3D scans to ensure the best fitment and optimal flow. The inlet comes with a connecting coupler and new hardware for a complete, bolt-on installation to your SXTH Intake system

Our inlet is made of cast 6061 aluminum for an OEM fit and finish. Casting allowed us to keep the smooth transition from the intake to the turbo. At 3.75in entry, this inlet can allow for 400+ HP with ease.

VN Inlet TB side

The turbo side is matched to the compressor inlet and the machined faces ensure quality fitment with leak-free sealing.

VN Inlet turbo side

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Adam J.L.
Turbo Inlet

Great Quality and Great Install Video. This product wasn't hard to install. Matches my Sxth Carbon Intake.

Glenn C.W.
Low End torque

First off, the product is very well made. Doesnt feel cheap or rushed, like some of the other inlet options out there for the veloster and kona.Defintley feel a better low end torque with inlet attched.

Jonah N.
Veloster N Turbo Inlet

Starting off by saying this thing EATS the stock inlet. Install was a pain doing it for the first time as I'm teaching myself everything as I go but for the more mechanically inclined it should be no problem. Right off the bat (paired with the Veloster N CPLT Intake) I immediately noticed an intake sound improvement with audible turbo spool. Overall very impressed and satisfied with it

Myron B.
Well worth it

Unlike others I installed this while the motor was removed from the car. I did it at the same time as upgrading the turbo so it just made sense to do it then. Inlet is massive and much bigger than the K&N intake that I had before prompting me to buy the cf intake SXTH sells. Between this and the cf intake the airflow noise is a lot louder. Good for my application but could be annoying for daily driving.

Brian w.
Inlet Love

Never used one on my Veloster. Seeing the Kona intake was bigger I pulled the trigger, and glad I did after seeing the stock one. This thing is double the size of stock. It looks easy to install with only 3 bolts lol wrong. You do have to have patience. One bolt is right by the waste gate, and it was easy getting out but not back in. Again worth the time and frustration. 10/10

Huge difference compared to OEM

This turbo inlet is way bigger than factory, and I suggest anyone who is looking to grab SXTH’s intake for the N to grab the inlet as well, to keep an almost 4 in. diameter for piping straight to the turbo. After being installed on the car and paired with an intake, you will hear your turbo sucking in air like a vacuum. Install is somewhat tricky, but with help and a little bit of patience acting as a surgeon and following the directions, it shouldn’t take any longer than an hour at most. Great part for the money!

Amazing quality, pain to install

Absolutely love this inlet, it is massive compared to stock and the build quality and fitment is top notch. The install requires patience however, very difficult to get to some of the bolts once it's in place but with patience and flexibility you can do it. 10/10 worth it tho

Easy install

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret to get this bad boy installed. Start by putting in the top bolt first to get everything in place, don't forget your gasket. For the other 2, wrap Teflon tape around the bolt and socket to keep it from falling out. Play Operation. Once you begin to thread them take off the tape. Thank me later.


Bitch to install but well worth it!

Ross T.
Hyundai VelosterN turbo inlet

I bought this Hyundai VelosterN turbo inlet to actually be fitted to my i30N we have here in the UK. I believe im currently the only person in the UK. I went for this to finally finish off with my Sxth Carbon intake system. Its i lovely piece of kit and fitted perfectly. Fitting was a bit tricky because of the back bolt but once fitted the car was breathing so much smoother and got rid of the turbo flutter now all i hear is the Bov. Well done Sxth for yet again making something so good and will be purchasing more from them No doubt very soon