GR Corolla CPLT Intake - Spare Hardware Pack

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Fits the following product:

  • GR Corolla CPLT Intake (19-10-100)
2 of 19-10-100-07 | GRC Intake Mounting Bracket, 3 of 19-10-100-08 | GRC Intake Airbox Mounting Stud, 4 of 95221A204 | Spring Lock Washer Conical, Black-Phosphate, for M6 Screw, 6.4 mm ID, 4 of 92095A238 | Stainless BHCS - M6x1 - 16mm, 7 of 92855A408 | Stainless Low-Pro SHCS - M4 x 0.7 - 8 mm, 2 of 5416K42 | Worm-Drive Clamp - 3-5/16" to 4-1/4" Clamp ID (84-108mm), 2 of 93655A441 | Male-Female Threaded Hex Standoff - 8 mm hex, 5 mm Long, M4x0.70 mm Thread, 3 of 93475A230 | Stainless Washer - M4 - 4.3 mm ID - 9 mm OD, 2 of 92855A401 | Stainless Low-Profile SHCS, M4 x 0.7 mm - 4 mm, 0.75 of 5054K531 | High-Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing for Air and Water, Soft, Durometer 50A, Opaque Black, 4 mm ID, 8 mm OD, 2 of 9753K31 | Round Caps for 1/8" to 3/16" OD, 1/2" Inside Height, Black, 1 of 5463K173 | Plastic Barbed Tube Fitting, 90 Degree Elbow, for 3/16" Tube ID

WARNING: May contain items that are found to have compounds and/or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.

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Spare Hardware Packs

(These are not required for new purchases)

Not everything can go according to plan. You may end up breaking a bolt or a bracket in the process of installation. You may need spare hardware packs for a second hand product that someone didn't take out correctly. We have you covered with hardware packs for nearly all of our products now. We may not be able to help you find that 10mm socket, but we can get the hardware pack to you for when it decides to rear it's head again.