Veloster N Upgraded Aluminum Radiator

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N DCT
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty available for original purchaser only.
  • See Terms and Conditions for additional warranty information.

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The ONLY All-in-One Upgraded Radiator for Veloster N DCT

Designed on the track in Korea and the US, our radiator improves cooling drastically by replacing the original unit with a full aluminum design.

Expertly crafted details make for a drop-in install.

Core Design

High density fins incease cooling performance without adding unnecessary thickness.

End Tanks

This radiator is designed with all aluminum construction, which provides superior heat dissipation and durability. TIG welds ensure a strong and leak-free connection. Our radiator is easy to install and compatible with the stock hoses and fans.


A simple drain plug makes for quick and easy coolant changes. We recommend VP Racing coolant for optimal performance.


The embossed SXTH logo give s a classy touch to finish the radiator.


Customer Reviews

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Only for Hardcore Track Guys

This radiator will help maintain lower temps. But you have to ask yourself if you really need this. Only hardcore guys who are spending hours on track at a time will exceed the capabilities of the stock radiator. This is only worth it for those who drive hard enough to exceed and maintain 250° F. The installation is difficult. The lower mounts are long and require great effort to get into place. The square mounts on the sides do not fit. The edges of the squares must be rounded down significantly by filing them. The mounts for the radiator fan are all off as well, ranging from a few mm to a cm. The mounts for the intercooler may be too shallow for your intercooler bolts depending on how long they are. This is not a one person one hour install. You will also need four gallons of distilled water (to flush the system twice) and two gallons of coolant (I recommend VP racing for winter or distilled water for summer/track days.)