EK1 Custom ECU Tuning for Hyundai N Cars

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Vehicle Elantra N DCT

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Experience optimal engine performance with Custom ECU Tuning from SXTHNK. Maximize your car's potential with a custom ECU calibration, designed specifically for your EK1 Lite or Pro device. Plus, take advantage of special pricing when you purchase both together. 

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Custom ECU Calibration

Get the most out of your vehicle with a custom ECU calibration from SXTHNK Tuning. Tailored to your specific vehicle and needs.


  • A compatible vehicle as per the dropdown list above.
  • An EK1 Pro or Lite.

For those that do not have an EK1 device (Pro, Lite, Mini)

Step 1

Purchase an EK1 device. Doing so in combination with this Custom Calibration does have a discount applied.

Step 2

Create an account on www.sxthnktuning.com.

Part of this process is adding your VIN and device serial number into your account information.

Step 3

Update your device to the latest firmware version.

Step 4

Find your ECU's calibration ID.

  1. Plug the device into your vehicle's OBDII port (left side of the steering wheel under the dash).
  2. Choose "Power Mode"
  3. Select "Read ECU ID"
  4. Select "SIM2K-250"
  5. Copy the values under Application Data ID into your account


Important: When entering your calibration ID, ensure only two underscores ('__') are included, and the ID must exactly match your vehicle’s. Incorrect ID entry can lead to catastrophic damage to the ECU. Exercise utmost accuracy in this process.

Step 5

Patch your vehicle's ECU

Download the Patch:

  • Go to the 'Patch' area on the SXTHNK platform.
  • Copy and paste your calibration ID into the search box on the ECU Patch Files page.
  • Download the patch file.
  • Copy and paste the patch file to the Maps Folder of the SD Card.
  • If you do not find a matching patch, submit a ticket for assistance.

Post-Patching Steps:

  • Once the patch is successfully applied, you can flash tunes freely on your vehicle.
Step 6

Patch your vehicle's ECU (continued)

Flashing the Patch

  • Plug your EK1 device into the OBDII port on your vehicle.
  • Without pressing the brake pedal, tap the ignition button twice to place the vehicle into Accessory Mode (ACC).
  • Select "Power Mode" on the EK1 Device.
  • Select "Writing ECU"
  • When prompted, select the "BootPatch" file instead of a tune file.
  • Complete the patching process without interruption.
  • Unplug the EK1 Device from the OBDII port and you are done!

Post-Patching Steps:

  • Once the patch is successfully applied, you can flash tunes freely on your vehicle.

For those that already own an EK1 device (Pro, Lite, Mini)

Step 1

Purchase this Custom Calibration.

Step 2

Create a ticket for our Calibration Engineer for Category "Tuning File Request".

In the Subject, please include your SXTH Element Order Number + "Custom Calibration"

In the Message, please include any modifications made to your vehicle and any requests for custom tuning such as:

  • Extra Pops
  • increased rev limit
  • Enhanced Launch Control
  • any other requests
Step 3

Wait for a reply from our Calibration Engineer. They will need to review the ticket and any associated requests. The first message back from them will either be a preliminary file or a request for more information, such as datalogs.