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Looks great, love it. Installation was very simple.


K5 GT EM3 Lower Engine Mount
Luke M.
Good part

Wheel hop gone, I’d say shifts are more direct as well. Noticeable vibration at idle but not bad. Goes away as soon as you give it throttle. Easy to install and good results.

EK1 Pro
Joseph C.
Bit of a learning curve

Absolutely the best tool for the job, but the user interface could use a little love and it would absolutely benefit from a proper user/startup manual. But once you get used to it there’s nothing better. (Even if you can’t customize the gauge styles/colors)

Good people, good product.

It really changed the sounnd of my car but i feel like it made it slower forsure and wish it came with some stickers but i cant eait to get the carbon intake but idk when ill be able to get that but look forward to it hopefully

K5 GT EM3 Lower Engine Mount
Claudio N.
Great Quality Mount

Great quality motor mount, unfortunately not for me and my new car. Experienced a lot of vibration thru drivetrain, specially at idle. I know it’s designed to be that way for performance reasons, so MY MISTAKE for trying it out. Had it on for a week then took it off and put back OEM mount. Good purchase for a younger driver that doesn’t mind the extra noise and vibrations.

Should have been first mod

Slight NVH but man this car seems way more responsive when shifting. I wish I would have done this first thing.

Great plugs for the price exactly what I was looking for to go a step colder

100% worth the price. The vibrations after install were a bit more then I was expecting but after 500 miles it has gone down a ton.
No more wheel hop and the 1st to 2nd shift is a lot smoother. 10/10

The hardware came wrapped up well to protect against any potential shipping damage, which I am glad to see. The hardware itself worked just fine when I was missing the necessary bolts to attach the downpipe I was installing to the flex pipe on my elantra N. Overall, a solid product, albeit a bit much for a few bolts.

No more hesitation under acceleration with a tune, feels stronger than ever


Fast installation, My boost control work better now

Best 3 Cylinder Sound

Hands down one of the most eargamic exhaust sounds from a 3 cylinder engine. Kit is very well put together and install was breeze. Installing this with the mid pipe is a must have; with little to no drone on the highway, but once you WOT, the small engine sounds like a beast

Elantra N Titanium Mid Pipe Kit

Perfect fitment. Sounds a bit more deeper aggressive sounds pops and snaps!

Great Intake

Great intake. Came with the fix. Installed in minutes and you can immediately see an increase in top end power.


Hi all, I bought this product for my Kia ceed gt 2019 (CD) 1.6tgdi two weeks ago.
My Kia ceed model is same compared to Elantra gt or Veloster gt with 1.6 tgdi.
I have read a lot of reviews and finally chose SXTH.
Communication with SXTH personal on very professional level.
Delivery to Slovakia in 1 week, superb.
Product quality is on very high level, maybe even better then OEM.
Product fits to my Kia perfect, no interference to another engine parts.
Better throttle response, and turbo spool.

Pretty Simple

Very simple design just a lot of hose clamps and a check valve gotta make sure is going the right way. My only gripe is that the video online is a bit outdated. The one I received came with a 90° fitting (which I prefer) but that's about it.

Quality Machining

The cnc and the coating is flawless and very even. Love the detail with the logo inside the catch can

Great product easy to install shipping was fast

Great product easy to install shipping was quick


alittle Advice to any elantra N owners attempting this that i wish i would of know before hand

1. 1/4 FLEX HEAD STUB WRATCHET you need to drive the new hex bolt straight into your turbo
with out damageing the female threads on the turbo this is 100% needed in my opinion
i used a Flex head but mine was way too long & too big i used 3/8 drive when i should of use 1/4

2. your going to need a variety of diffrent length extentions
they sell packs of 1/4 extentions with a bunch of diffrent sizes
1-1/2 in--2 in--4 in--6 in--8 in--12 in. i ended up useing a 2 inch with an 8 inch
but the 1-1/2 would of been nice

3. UNIVERSAL JOINT SOCKET if you do not use one your never getting the bolt out from
the factory inlet and DEFENITLY not getting the new hex bolt in either
theres ZERO room as it is with factory then squeezing this bigger inlet in is even more challangeing
i used 1 joint but maybe 2 joints could help.

4. ELECTRICAL TAPE! your going to have to lightly but firmly tape
1 or possibly 2 of those hex bolts to your SOCKT WRENCH SETUP
i ended up tapeing a few of my joints on my set up and the
bottom hex bolt on the new inlet to get it started
so i could pull everything out without it comeing apart

again just peace of mind

5. LONG STICK MAGNET forRemoveing the Stock Bolts from Stock inlet
i didnt have one at the time but wish i did would of helped alot


10/10 SXTH

Sounds amazing.

Just installed this on my 2020 veloster n. Took all of 30 mins and was super simple. Has an amazingly crisp pshhht sound.