Introducing the S-400 Gen2 Turbocharger for the Theta-II Platform

Introducing the S-400 Gen2 Turbocharger for the Theta-II Platform

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As pioneers in the aftermarket automotive parts industry, we are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger. Building on the success of our first-generation S-400 hybrid turbocharger, this new iteration is engineered to elevate your driving experience to exhilarating heights. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the engineering aspects of this cutting-edge turbocharger, highlighting its performance advantages and the revolutionary design that sets it apart.

Evolution of Excellence:
The Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger is the culmination of relentless research, development, and engineering expertise. Drawing from the success of its predecessor, we have refined and enhanced every aspect of this turbocharger to deliver unprecedented power and performance. Let's explore the key design changes that make the Gen2 S-400 a true engineering marvel:

1.1 New Purple Anodized, Bespoke Point Milled Sweptback Sinuous Curve Compressor Wheel:
At the heart of the Gen2 S-400 lies the revolutionary compressor wheel. The Gen2 S-400 features a bespoke point milled sweptback sinuous curve compressor wheel. This unique design showcases a visually striking "snake curve" appearance, which might be mistaken for a novelty. However, beneath its captivating look lies unparalleled engineering brilliance.

The swept-back design of the compressor wheel serves a crucial purpose - optimizing airflow efficiency. By utilizing a sinuous curve, the compressor wheel can draw in a larger volume of air and compress it more effectively than traditional compressor wheel designs. The increased airflow efficiency decreases the potential of flow-back stalling the compressor, ensuring consistent and reliable performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

1.2 New Larger Inconel Exhaust Turbine Wheel:
The Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger is equipped with a new larger Inconel exhaust turbine wheel. This 9-blade design allows for improved gas flow through the exhaust turbine, reducing backpressure and increasing exhaust efficiency. The result is quicker power delivery and enhanced throttle response, providing an adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

1.3 Advanced VSR Balancing of the CHRA:
Ensuring the utmost precision and reliability, the Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger is subjected to advanced VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) balancing of the CHRA (Center Housing and Rotating Assembly). This meticulous process guarantees that the turbocharger performs optimally, with minimal vibration and increased longevity.

1.4 Additional Heat Shielding on the Turbine Manifold:
Heat management is crucial in high-performance applications, and we've taken it seriously with the Gen2 S-400. The turbine manifold is now equipped with additional heat shielding to minimize heat soak and maintain optimal operating temperatures. This enhancement not only improves performance but also ensures the turbocharger's durability under extreme conditions.

Deep Dive: Gen1 Compressor vs. Swept-Back Sinuous Curve Style Compressor

Aspect Normal Compressor Swept-Back Sinuous Curve Compressor Benefits
Airflow Efficiency Limited by Blade Design Optimized for Improved Flow Superior Compressor Efficiency
Surge Margin Moderate Enhanced with Swept-Back Design Reduced Risk of Compressor Surge
Spooling Speed Slower Response Faster Spooling Quicker Power Delivery and Throttle Response
Heat Dissipation Average Heat Management Improved Heat Dissipation Lower Intake Air Temperatures
Operating Range Restricted by Blade Design Expanded Operating Range Better Performance Across RPM Range
Flowback Potential for Flow-Back Stalling Reduced Potential for Flow-Back Stalling Improved Stability and Reliability


The swept-back sinuous curve compressor offers a remarkable advantage over traditional compressor designs. Its superior airflow efficiency and enhanced surge margin ensure the Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger delivers optimal performance under a variety of driving conditions. The faster spooling and improved heat dissipation further contribute to the turbocharger's ability to unleash raw power while maintaining engine reliability.

The design optimizes airflow efficiency by creating a smoother and more uniform flow of air into the compressor. Unlike traditional forward-facing blades that may cause turbulence and inefficiencies, the sinuous curve design generates a continuous and controlled airflow. This improved airflow efficiency ensures better compression of the intake air, resulting in higher pressure ratios and increased mass flow rates.

One of the most significant advantages of the sinuous curve swept-back compressor wheel is its reduced potential for flow-back stalling. Flow-back stalling occurs when air pressure at the compressor outlet exceeds the pressure at the compressor inlet, causing a reverse flow of air. This phenomenon disrupts the compressor's operation and may lead to compressor surge, a damaging condition that can affect the turbocharger's performance and longevity. The sinuous curve design minimizes the risk of flow-back stalling, enhancing stability and reliability, even during sudden load changes or aggressive driving maneuvers.

Conclusion: The Gen2 S-400 Turbocharger for the Theta-II platform by SXTH Element Engineering is more than just an aftermarket part; it's an engineering masterpiece. Combining cutting-edge technology, advanced materials, and a revolutionary design, this turbocharger elevates the performance of your Theta-II vehicle to unparalleled heights. Whether you're a performance enthusiast or seeking to upgrade your daily driver, the Gen2 S-400 is the ultimate solution.

Stay tuned for its official release, and get ready to unleash the true potential of your vehicle.

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