Veloster N Intercooler Kit

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Transmission Type MT

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+
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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+

The SXTH Element Engineering Front Mount intercooler Kit was developed specifically for the Veloster N to provide maximum cooling capability for BOTH DCT and MT transmission models.  This kit is a bolt-on kit with NO modifications required and fits the DCT model AND the manual transmission model

Our high performance bar and plate core provides superior cooling and heat sink resistance to tube/plate construction.

Veloster N FMIC core front
Veloster N FMIC core back

The Core

Our intercooler core was designed using 3D scanning and CAD along with CFD simulation to achieve perfect fitment while maximizing airflow.  The "stepped" core takes up as much space as possible so we can achieve the best cooling possible while fitting in the car without any modifications or extra parts needed.  Our core also comes with a special heat resistant coating.


Aluminum Hot Pipe

Our kit keeps the stock cold side tubing for simplicity and we provide a better flowing hot side pipe made from powdercoated aluminum to maintain structural strength.

vn fmic hot pipe





oen intercooler
vn upgrade fmic
vn fmic completed


The OEM intercooler in the Veloster N leaves a lot to be desired. As you can see below, the SXTH unit is much larger than OEM.  By utilizing every cubic inch possible, we can provide better airlfow and better cooling for more power and less heat soak.

OEM Intercooler vs SXTH Intercooler
CAD SXTH Intercooler

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Performance Boost

Even though there are certain limiters in the N Engine Control Unit (ECU), our core was still able to achieve measurable power increase on our in-house dyno.  Gains can be seen across the RPM range.  This becomes more apparent on tuned ECUs where there is higher boost command and gains of up to 15whp can be achieved.

vn fmic in cad

Couplers & Clamps

We use the highest quality 5-ply silicone hoses and t-bolt clamps for our tubing connections.  The hoses are also designed in the computer for perfect fitment.


By 3D scanning the car and incorporating that into our CAD software, we can keep OEM fitment and design the components for ease of installation while enhancing performance. Here you can see an early concept model of the scan data and our intercooler concept.

vn fmic in cad

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Keoni A.
Worth it.

The intercooler is fantastic, high quality construction and hardware. Install was a breeze, and looks fantastic. The cardboard template for painting the logo was a really nice touch too.

No Pipes Cracked

I have had this FMIC kit installed on my DCT VN for over 9 Months. No issues so far with parts cracking or leaks. For me the install was intermediate difficulty (my first time installing an fmic and by myself) and it took all night, but everything fit in the end.
Can definitely feel that I can do more pulls without any signs of heatsoaking after this install.

Saekwan B.
Two Hot Pipes Cracked in a Month

I've had this intercooler kit on my DCT Veloster N for a month now, and in that time, I've gone through two hot pipes. Both times, the carbon fiber hot pipe ended up cracking along the seams where both halves are joined, and sliding out of the couplers, introducing a boost leak. After the first pipe cracked, SXTH Element's support was very gracious and replaced it under warranty, and even provided some suggestions to keep this from happening again. I followed their suggestions, I made sure the clamps weren't too tight. I made sure to clamp the pipe behind its raised edges. I made sure both ends of the pipe were deep into the couplers. It made no difference, the pipe actually went and cracked even worse than the first time. I ultimately ended up replacing the hot pipe with a piece of exhaust pipe I had cut at a muffler shop.

Carbon fiber is fantastic about dissipating heat, I can see the appeal in wanting to use it in a hot pipe. But as I've unfortunately discovered, it can be very brittle, especially when dealing with boost pressure. As such. I feel sufficient warning needs to be given of this fact, but no instructions are provided with this kit, nor can any be located on this website. So my question is, what is the expectation here? It felt like there was no winning in this situation. I felt like my options were to either get yet another hot pipe and clamp it so loosely as to not encourage any confidence that it'll be held in place under any significant amount of boost pressure, or to just forgo the provided hot pipe entirely and get a custom pipe made.

Frankly, considering how much this kit costs, I am not satisfied. I will admit, the core looks fantastic, the couplers themselves are of high quality, and in general my IATs are lower (even with the exhaust pipe). But I cannot advocate for the hot pipe. Even if I did have the clamps too tight (which admittedly is possible because as I mentioned, no instructions were provided), for $1,000 I should have the confidence that every component in this kit is durable and capable of taking a beating. The fact that these hot pipes cracked so quickly and easily is extremely concerning and keeps me from wholly being able to recommend this kit.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+