Rev6 ECU Piggyback Module

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+
  • Kia Stinger GT 3.3T 2018+
  • Kia Forte GT 2020+
  • Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2019+

Calibration Devices, such as the Rev6 can be purchased here. Actual, downloaded calibrations for your vehicle can be purchased at

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C.A.R.B. & E.P.A Information

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In our push to produce CARB Exempt products, no toggle switches can be modified in calibrations, such as those to accomodate modified emissions controlled devices. This also means your vehicle must comply with Federal and State emissions regulations to not have a CEL (Check Engine Light). If your car has an emissions delete or defeat device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a CEL, it is not something that can be considered for calibrating. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be calibrated.

This product is currently not C.A.R.B. Certified and does not ship to California or other states that have adopted the C.A.R.B. standard.

The newest calibration tool from SXTH Element Engineering.

In order to obtain higher performance from your vehicle without tampering with the ECU, you can now tap into the system through the use of the Rev6. The Rev6 includes our full featured PC software for map uploads, settings adjustments, and updates.


Our system includes drive mode synchronization which allows the use of drive mode buttons to switch between designated maps. These maps can also be switched using the mobile app which is available on iOS and Android, or in our PC software.

It also features built in protections that will delay the increase in power until the coolant has reached full operating temperature, or disable the increase in power if the coolant temperature or intake air temperature is too high.

Get connected through the Android and iOS app developed in tandem with our affiliate, NKLAB, in South Korea.

Your vehicle must be in good, working condition. We reserve the right to cancel any customer with a vehicle not in such condition. We may ask prior to scheduling for proof of condition. We do not suggest installing on a vehicle that does not run well. There is no "calibrating around it". We will not make suggestions for repairs if it does not run well prior to installation. You will need to consult a local shop for repairs.

Requirements and Suggestions

Upgrade Veloster N Stinger GT Forte GT/Veloster Turbo
Colder Spark Plugs from HKS M45XL Plugs Required M45iL Plugs Required M45XL Plugs Required
91/93 Octane Fuel Required Required Required
Catch Can Required Required Required

Requirements and Suggestions

Upgrade Veloster N
Colder Spark Plugs from HKS M45XL Plugs Required
91/93 Octane Fuel Required
Catch Can Required
Upgrade Stinger GT
Colder Spark Plugs from HKS M45iL Plugs Required
91/93 Octane Fuel Required
Catch Can Required
Upgrade Forte GT/Veloster Turbo
Colder Spark Plugs from HKS M45XL Plugs Required
91/93 Octane Fuel Required
Catch Can Required


The Rev6 includes our PC software, developed with NKLAB in South Korea, for uploading new maps, making changes to settings, and updating the Rev6 unit. The software can be downloaded here.

11x24 high resolution 3D maps allow for fine adjustment to boost pressure. When combined with fast P-CAN data, operation is extremely smooth. Advanced users can make their own high resolution maps, and even change axis data to get the most control possible.

Built in temperature protections can be adjusted, along with drive mode integrations. The new overboost mode can now be enabled for a short burst of power!

Hardware & Design

The Rev6 is fitted with a carbon fiber faceplate and housed in a hardened shell of ABS plastic for full protection. Using the hardware seen above such as the powerful 32Bit ARM processor and the extremely fast P-CAN connection, it will provide quick analysis of signal and smooth power delivery for your Veloster N .

On a stock 2020 Veloster N we managed to squeeze out 51 ft-lbs of torque and 34whp using the top-end Map3 with even bigger gains in the midrange. Each consecutive map (1-3) will increase your output according to your current driving needs.

Advanced maps are available for vehicles with more modifications, with up to 285WHP output! Email for more info.


Installation of the system is a plug and play that is not complex and you can follow along with our video here. Expect to spend about 20-30 minutes on installation of the system.

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