Pierburg BOV Solenoid Upgrade

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai/Kia 1.6T Gamma
  • Hyundai N Cars
  • 1 Year Warranty available for original purchaser only.
  • See Terms and Conditions for additional warranty information.

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***Please note, on Elantra Sport 2017-2020, P2261 blow off valve code is still possible even after installation of this solenoid due to ECU sensitivity***

Are you experiencing fluttering after installing an aftermarket blow-off valve?

Is your blow-off valve opening frequently on partial throttle? If your valve opening during hard acceleration?

This Pierburg valve is a much faster operating valve that will help eliminate fluttering and allow for a crisper release of your blow-off valve. These flow more and allow for higher boost pressures than stock. If you are sporting an upgraded stock turbo or a big turbo, you can still retain factory operation without worry.

Customer Reviews

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BOV solenoid (ONLY)

The part is great, but even the SXTH installation video shows the added bracket with hose and instructions on lengths to cut supplied hose. So… to say the least was not happy with the lack of parts. As a structural mechanic I think if you have to rig the stock bracket its not ok, or if this is the case or the extra parts no longer come with it you need to put it in the description.

Simple, efficient & must have

So I was shaving issues I can only be described as inconsistency especially on hot days. Installed this to "fix" the issue. Is it an end all be all? No but that is of no fault of the hardware. Powerband feels much smoother and more linear especially pulls in the mid range.

Leonardo A.
Kona N

Overall super great quality product but it was definitely missing some needed parts. Thankfully I had some spare vacuum hose from the BOV I ordered so I cut some off to install. Plus the original bracket doesn’t fit so I bent the prongs sideways with some pliers to give it a super tight fit with the new solenoid. Definitely feel the difference and boost doesn’t drop down at high RPM anymore, plus I was noticing some random PSH when on throttle with the AV6 BOV and it is gone after installing this unit! Definitely buy this if you purchased a BOV

Solenoid upgrade

Seems like a better built unit.

Jonathan M.
Read post for way only a 3 ⭐ (for now)

Hard for me to give this a thing other than a 3 (for now) as I am not tuned, and it has only solved my turbo surging minorly. (still feel it). Did not come with sufficient vaccum cable length, zip ties or any instructions. And no stickers!? Come on, I want to represent my loyalty to SXTH! Heck, send me the banner and I'll rock that across the front of my ride with pride!

Parts: luckily had some spare vaccum line from a different project. Get ride of the OEM braided(ish) line, it's a pain in the a$$ and was way to short. Make sure you have extra zip ties available. Youc can get the OEM solenoid off it's bracket easy enough, and put your new one on it. Shakes a bit on the OEM holder, but nothing zip ties didnt fix. (Yes, I'm addicted to zip ties)

So a 3 for the product (FOR NOW)! I'll come back after I can get a tune from someone, hint-hint SXTH (I'll totally drive 8 hours from Kansas!) Would love to meet all the people responsible for all the excellent customer service, whom go above and beyond, every day, to make sure I am taken care of! And I do ask a lot of questions

Myron B.

Easy install and reliable. Not much to write home about, but I installed it for peace of mind with bigger turbo and stage 3 tune

Jonathan M.
Day 1 Install

Install on a 2021 Veloster R-Spec7/24/2022) Happy New Year! As I was adding my new intake anyway, this was a perfect time to replace the BoV solenoid as well, to future proof my vehicle. Not sure why people mention there is not a "mounting bracket", I utilized the factory mounting bracket with a few zip ties (as it was loose) in the OEM bracket.

I spent about 30min trying to utilize the OEM vacuum cables and said forget that. Thankfully I also ordered the "Pierburg Wastegate", which did come with about 2 feet of 3/16 line. Unfortunately, I will have to hold off on installing the wastegate, until I am able to obtain new vacuum line replacement.

Instructions were just a clear picture of the BoV, and what plugs into what, BoV out goes here... thank goodness for YouTube. I really wanted to get this wastegate installed today as well, as I am receiving surge during times of heavy acceleration (this has been known to fix that, though on SXTH it says VT2 is not applicable. *shrug* Maybe someone could post some info on that?

I digress. Product seems well made and I look forward to its benefits. Replaced all the connections minus the long manifold OEM line (will replace that as well), as I have a strength of a 5-year-old boy, getting it attached did take some effort upon the silver inlet. 3 Stars for the product, as I've not tuned and seen any immediate improvements yet and easy install (when you have all the parts). And of course, and extra start for being a SXTH product and how much we appreciate you working over the holiday weekend to the get the new intakes out.

Wordy I know, but I hope this information helps future installers. P.S. Using the 3/16 lines slide on perfectly. Thanks, SXTH, love my new intake and look forward to all our future business!

Pierburg BOV Solenoid

Top notch quality piece. Perfect fit. Install took about 45mins total for this, the BOV, and the intake plug (recommend all three pieces be bought together). Pierburg valve reacts instantly and does not allow any boost bleed-off. Worth adding when installing the AV6 BOV!

Hyundai S.
Pierburg BOV Solenoid


Dayne U.

Easy install. Seems to maintain more consistent blow offs than the factory valve.