2.0T S-400 Turbocharger Upgrade

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Elantra N 2022+
  • Hyundai Kona N 2022+
  • Hyundai Veloster N 2019+ (requires Kona N hot side charge pipe)
  • 1 year Warranty available for original purchaser only.
  • See Terms and Conditions for additional warranty information.

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C.A.R.B. & E.P.A Information


This turbocharger is not meant to be a first-time modification (commonly referred to as Stage 1). The flow requirements of this turbocharger require previous modifications in order to function to any degree.

  • Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler
  • High Flow Downpipe
  • 3.5" Intake
  • Oil Catch Can
  • Colder Spark Plugs from HKS*
  • Kona N Hot Pipe (Veloster N only)

You will need to purchase a Custom Calibration for your vehicle to utilize this turbocharger. This will require the use of an EK1Lite or EK1Pro device. Calibrations can be purchased through SXTHNK using the link below.

We have taken the OEM turbocharger from the Kona N and Elantra N and developed two unique kits for the ultimate performance upgrade for Veloster N, Kona N, and Elantra N owners!

Install the excellent OEM replacement turbocharger from the Kona N/Elantra N for an easily achievable 340 WHP, or go even bigger with our hybrid Kona N/Elantra N turbocharger. With the Kona N hotpipe you can easily install this turbocharger on your Veloster N, or you can choose to upgrade your stock Kona N/Elantra N turbo to our hybrid option for even more power.

n turbo inlets

Two Options

Our first option allows Veloster N owners to install the OEM 28231-2GTE0 turbocharger from the Kona N and Elantra N. This turbocharger has a 4mm larger billet compressor, 5mm larger turbine and a larger A/R turbine housing in addition to a reverse flow design that improves spool. This kit allows for 340 WHP while maintaining excellent response times. A replacement Kona N hotpipe is required to complete the installation.

Our next option starts with an OEM Kona N turbocharger core, it is then ported out on both ends and fitted with a significantly larger 53mm 6+6 billet compressor wheel with an extended tip design and huge 9 blade lightweight high flow turbine wheel that is also extended. The turbocharger is finished off with upgraded bearings to ensure a long life at higher boost levels. This combination of modifications provides an extreme increase in flow allowing the turbocharger to reach consistent boost levels all the way to redline while also decreasing EGTs. The Kona N hot pipe is required for a Veloster N installation.


Hybrid Compressor

Our hybrid turbocharger features a massive 53mm billet 6+6 compressor that was specifically designed for this application. We took into consideration the size of the compressor housing and our matching turbine to ensure a proper ratio between the two.

n turbo hot pipe





See the Difference

oen turbo
upgraded n turbo
hybrid n turbo

Upgraded Hot Pipe for Veloster N

The new turbocharger requires a replacement hot side charge pipe for easy installation and an OEM look.

n turbo hot pipe
n turbo outlets

The Outlets

The new turbochargers from the Kona N/Elantra N feature a larger turbine housing (12.5 cm^2 vs. 10 cm^2) while still accepting the same downpipe flange orientation from the Veloster N.


Hybrid Turbine Wheel

The OEM Kona N/Elantra N features a larger 11 blade turbine (up 5mm from the original found in the Veloster N turbocharger) while our hybrid version contains an even larger 9 blade turbine that is also extended outward for extreme flow.


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Performance Boost

The OEM Kona N/Elantra N turbocharger is capable of 340 WHP at safe boost levels while providing fast spool while our hybrid turbocharger can support 400+ WHP with proper fueling.


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