GR Corolla Single Exit Exhaust

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Toyota GR Corolla 2023+

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SXTH Element Engineering GR Corolla Single Exit Exhaust

Our single exit exhaust gives off that classic JDM look. Avaialbe in Titanium or Stainless steel, this kit saves MAJOR weight over the stock system and looks/sounds great at the same time! Weight of the OEM catback is about 32 lbs. Our titanium system weighs in at 13 lbs and the stainless system weighs in at 23 lbs. The tubing is 3in diameter as well. Drone is almost none until you get to 80+mph thanks to our in-house designed muffler and resonator.

This kit is bolt on to the OEM mid-pipe. It comes with a mounting bracket for the OEM exhaust valve as well as covers for the unused exhaust diffuser sections in the bumper!On top of that, we even have the pipe next to the differential heat wrapped on the stainless systems!  

Engineered from Scratch

We begin with 3D scans of the OEM parts and the car to build our new exhaust in a 3D environment for a perfect fit.

Cast Flanges

The exhaust flanges are cast to have an OEM like strength and capture the contours of the gaskets perfectly.

Brushed Finish

Our parts are finished with a brushed style finish for a clean look.

Heavy Duty Clamps

Our kits only use the heavy duty exhaust band clamps to ensure any joint leaks are kept to a minimum.

Muffler Options

The muffler is only available fully brushed with titanium option. For the stainless kit, we off fully polished or polished with a burnt tip.

JDM Style

Save weight! Look good! Sound Goood!