Elantra N Open Flow Intake

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Elantra N 2022+
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  • 180 day warranty on coatings.
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The SXTH Element Engineering Elantra N Open Flow intake is the perfect start to modifying your Elantra N.  

This intake is HUGE compared to OEM to help with pre-turbo pressure drop and the open element filter lets you hear all the turbo noises!

elantra n filter back
elantra n filter front

Bolt On

This intake system is a 100% bolt on install with no modification required.  The Elantra N specific mounting bracket places the huge 4in air filter right in the path of the OEM air scoop path.  Our filter adapter also includes a velocity stack for the intake tube.


The Intake Tube

Available in XPLE Plastic, our intake tube is 4 inches in diameter to relieve intake system pressure drop to help the turbo breathe as easily as possible.  This material helps save weight too!

elantra n intake plastic tube




oen intake
elantra n intake

CAD Design

Our intake systems are designed using CAD and 3D scans of OEM parts and engine bays.  This lets us make a perfect fit, every time.

CAD model swap for Elantra N intake

Air Flow

We extensively tested intake air temperatures developing this intake.  Why no "heat shield?" Well, after placing temperature probes in multiple places in the engine bay, after numerous dyno runs and road trips, heat shields added no benefit to measured temperatures except when the car is sitting still.  When at speeds driving, airflow into the engine bay is so abundant, intake air temperatures measured in the intake system differed by only 2-3 degrees compared to our closed box system.  So if you are looking for all the noise and a better price, this is the system for you.

elantra n open airflow
intake coupler

Couplers & Clamps

We use the highest quality 5-ply silicone hoses and worm gear clamps for our tubing connections.  The hoses are also designed in the computer for perfect fitment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

was honestly very skeptical ordering from a company i havent heard from but alot of videos on youtube did this purchase justice.
too anyone saying they lost power or something to do with packaging or the Price None of those were an issue the quality was spot on everything feels and looks great and my car sounds AMAZING! i did pair mine with a BOV and bigger inlet to turbo and SXTH sells both

Great Quality
Great product
Fast delivery



install took maybe 45 minutes to an hour and it was easy. and i can say it’s worth every penny the noises it makes the quality of the product, pair it with the inlet and you’ve got some gains.

Mike B.u.o.i.
Sounds good but lost acceleration

After driving a bit I could tell I lost power/acceleration after installing this open air intake. Maybe cuz its not drawing in cooler outside air like stock or a closed system does. Installed stock air intake back on and acceleration is back to what it was. I didn't expect any hp gains from sxth intake just the noise but didn't expect this..very DISAPPOINTED and now I'm out $300 for nothing? Sxth could say it might impact performance cuz I'm sure if sxth do all this testing while making an intake they would know this before releasing it to public for purchase.

Mike B.-.
Great lookn noise maker Sxth

Installed this open cool air intake tonight. Took 1 hour at most. The induction noise sounds awesome. Install is ez and fitment is perfect n looks nice. I also have a blow off valve. These 2 together sound like I should be in movie The Fast and Furious. Now all I need is my direct port nitrous injection n I'll run 9's.


Make your own for a hundred bucks with the same quality parts

Zach R.
Quick and Easy

Installed in under 45 mins (would have been shorter but mounting bracket was screwed in backwards from vendor.) Sounds great and highly recommend. Only thing id say to SXTH is that packaging peanuts left their residue all over the silicon elbow.

Zach T.
Best intake

The intake is pretty easy to install honestly only took about a half hour maybe 45 minutes. The noises you get from it are great and honestly it makes it worth every penny. The quality is top notch too. I also did the carbon tube and it’s beautiful.

Eliseo Z.
Best intake

Ordered the open intake for my EN. Install was fairly easy. Love the suction noises it makes. Would buy again. Also paired it up with the inlet pipe. Perfect combo .


This is the best sounding, coolest looking open air intake! I wanted a ton more turbo sounds and whooshes and that what I got. Excellent quality and top notch instructions. Car is 10xs more enjoyable now with the "audio upgrade." Get this over the closed box ,more sound similar gains if tuned at a much better price.

Christopher A.
Intake and turbo inlet perfection

Great product. Well made, beautiful, sounds great. Couldn’t ask for more, accept for them to come out with more products.