Bigfoot Contour Offroad Lift Kit

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Bigfoot Contour Offroad Lift Kit - Elevate Your Offroad Experience

Bigfoot Spring, a division of Storm Spring, presents the Bigfoot Contour Offroad Lift Kit, meticulously crafted in South Korea. This kit features uprated shocks and springs equipped with adjustable dampening and height settings to offer unparalleled ride quality and offroad capability.

Explore below for detailed features of each component within the kit.

Front Shocks and Springs

The Bigfoot Contour Kit offers front height that is adjustable by the user and features adjustable stiffness with genuine Mando dampers, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Rear Shocks and Springs

Improve your ride with rear height that is adjustable by the user. Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable dampening to fine-tune your ride as you conquer varied terrains.

Adjustable Dampening

Equipped with genuine Mando dampers, the Bigfoot Contour Kit allows you to adjust the dampening settings to suit your specific offroad needs.

Quality and Durability

Each kit is made in Korea using the highest quality components, ensuring a long-lasting offroad experience.

Height Adjustment

Customize the height settings to optimize ground clearance and performance, allowing you to tackle any offroad challenges head-on.